Important Legal information about this internet website.

But, to sum it up –  Sno Biz is a Brand, each location is privately owned and operated.

Structure of Our Distribution Network.  Crystal Fresh, Inc. (“Crystal Fresh”/ DBA “Sno Biz”) does not act as a franchiser within the United States.

Crystal Fresh sells various food products and food retailing products for resale through a national network of Distributors and Dealers who have assigned territories and locations.
All Dealers and Distributors are independent businesses.  Crystal Fresh is not involved in the operation or management of any Dealer or Distributor’s separate businesses, and not responsible for any claims or liabilities against any Dealer or Distributor.
Crystal Fresh operates its business only within the State of Minnesota at 12701 Sheridan Ave, Burnsville, (DakotaCounty).
Crystal Fresh sells many of its products using proprietary trademarks and brands, which include the registered word marks “Sno Biz”,  “Flavors That Rock”. “Bizzy”, as well as certain logos, designs, and registrations in process, and certain marks that are claimed as proprietary under the common law.
Within the United States, no Dealer or Distributor pays royalty fees or any front end franchise fees to Crystal Fresh, Inc.  Crystal Fresh, Inc. uses a different distribution system outside the United States.  For details, contact Crystal Fresh, Inc

Crystal Fresh Trademarks.  Any trademark, service mark, or brand that is registered to Crystal Fresh, or claimed by it to be a common law trademark may be used only in connection with the sale of Crystal Fresh products, and then only with the prior approval of Crystal Fresh, Inc.  Crystal Fresh takes action to enforce infringement of its trademarks.
Copyrighted Material.   All contents of this website are proprietary to Crystal Fresh, Inc.,  which includes all text, photos, art, and design.  No use may be made of any material proprietary to Crystal Fresh, Inc. without its prior written consent.  No link may be made to this website without the consent of Crystal Fresh, Inc.
Limits on Liability.  Any claim made in this website about prospective business activities of any Dealer or Distributor is not a warranty or any guarantee of future success.  Crystal Fresh sells products for resale, but it does not sell franchises (within the United States) , nor does it sell business opportunities.  Any prospective Dealer or Distributor’s prospects for success are dependent upon many variables, the largest of which are the effort and business acumen of the Dealer or Distributor, but there are often factors beyond anyone’s control which may materially affect the prospects for success.

Crystal Fresh makes no warranties with regard to any of its products.  Certain of the products it sells may have manufacturer’s warranties, which would be contained in separate written warranty documentation furnished with the products.  CRYSTAL FRESH MAKES NO WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO ANY OF THE PRODUCTS IT SELLS, AND IN PARTICULAR MAKES NO WARRANTY WITH REGARD TO MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  CRYSTAL FRESH IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY ERRORS MADE BY A DEALER OR DISTRIBUTOR IN THE PREPARATION OF FOOD PRODUCTS, OR COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAWS OR SANITATION STANDARDS. ANY CLAIMS SOUGHT TO BE MADE AGAINST CRYSTAL FRESH MAY BE MADE ONLY IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DAKOTA COUNTY, STATE OF MINNESOTA.  Most agreements between Crystal Fresh and its Dealers or Distributors have mandatory arbitration agreements which prohibit legal actions being filed against Crystal Fresh.